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The “Lowdown” on Cap Rates

Capitalization rate is one of the most misunderstood and misquoted terms in commercial real estate. What exactly is a cap rate? Simply, a cap rate is whatever an investor is willing to pay for a dollar of net operating income (NOI). The cap rate, a very common and useful ratio in the commercial real estate […]

Mixed Optimism for 2016

According to a top business publication, Many commercial real estate executives see solid prospects for their sector, with 52% indicating that they believe that their segment of the market is either strong or very strong, and 71% say adequate capital is available for investment. These are some of the findings of an exclusive study, “2016 […]

San Antonio Job Outlook

While the San Antonio job growth numbers are projected to slow from 2015 numbers, the job market will continue to outpace the rest of the state in 2016. Last years job growth for San Antonio was 3.6%, which means there are 35,000 new jobs at the close of 2015. This years rate is expected to […]